10 Reasons Why to Consider eLearning


People & Process is a leader in providing training services, not just in Ireland but across Europe. While we do offer a whole range of training from blended to workshops, we believe eLearning offers a reach like none other, even right into to the comfort of your home. So why would you sign up for eLearning?

Well, here are 10 reasons to start eLearning today:

1. Why eLearning?

Can we all remember the classroom, the best days of our lives, or so they had us believe, where time was passed staring out windows, wondering when the next lunch break was going to start? I know, apologies for my tongue in cheek but when you say why eLearning? We here at People & Process Training say why not?

eLearning offers the learner so much more than just text book & teacher led learning, it offers a process to allow the learner learn at their own pace. eLearning, or electronic learning is a way of understanding new ideas, methodologies in a more comfortable, learners environment, where they can stop & start as they please, research & discover, evaluate & be tested, all at the click of a button!

2. Cost Savings

Time is Money as they say & no one knows this better than a business owner as they strive for improvement, better customer satisfaction & ultimately increase profit. Training is a big part of any modern day business development as a team is only as good as its knowledge base. Typically in the past training occurred in classroom format or long briefings which often turned into brain numbing exercises, all the expense of the business. Today, eLearning offers an effective cost saving solution, with up to 50% plus savings compared to the traditional instructor-based training. No more hefty expense training bills, distance travelling, over accommodations, just smart eLearning at your finger-tips.

3. No Time Restrictions

Tempus fugit they say as time stands still for no one, especially in a business environment where dynamic thinking is often the call of the day! So imagine if your team could learn at their leisure, sit in the comfort of their desk, say on a quiet Friday afternoon & learn. Or alternatively spend an evening catching up on that course they so need to complete to be able to reach competency for that new position that badly needs to be filled. Or more importantly, let’s say it’s a legal requirement like HACCP, are all the team up to date? Well with eLearning, the training time is not restricted, as the training courses are available 24X7x365 days a year, learning on demand we like to call it.

4. Centralised Control

Great, so you want eLearning & yes your team deserve the best, but how do you know as an employer or HR Manager that the team/employee is actually training & not Looking out the Window, day dreaming of their next vacation say.. Well the wonderful process of eLearning allows you to manage your team’s training online. You can centrally monitor their individual progress, assist where necessary & encourage their journey while also ensuring you get value for money.

Centralised control means you can appoint a team leader or assign the role to yourself. This allows you to keep track of your teams training without being intrusive & ensure that they all complete their course on time & are certified for audit purposes thereafter.


5. Certification

The times are a changing. Anyone remember the process when it came to certification in the days gone by?? It more often than not took time, as in course participation, completion, tests done, points achieved & then the wait for the final proof of achievement, the certificate of competency to hang on the wall. Well now there is no need to wait, as eLearning with People & Process allows you to complete your course & even, Print your certification there & then! No waiting around for the post, no wondering will it ever come, you could actually start your course (depending on the course that is!) on a Monday, finish on a Friday & be certified on the same Friday. (The post person will never have the chance to lose it again!) Yes just complete the final quiz & then you can print off your certification from the comfort of your own home/office.


6. Instant Feedback

There is no doubt that the time wasted in wondering is time lost, especially when it comes to achievement. Like for example, Am I on the right track? Is this the right methodology? Am I understanding the process correctly? Do I have to ask the tutor again or will I just press on instead of embarrassing myself? All too common experiences when we are learning, the doubt, the fear, the wonderment, even, will this course ever end!?

Well, training with People & Process is a dream for any learner as our courses are developed with the learner in mind. Each course is very structured, with course notes, specially designed & animated videos, stage quizzes & instant feedback. As in, no more wonderment, just course information & 5 short questions to answer. You have to get a minimum 80% pass rate, (4 out of 5 right) to continue on to the next course stage. This allows you to revisit where necessary that part in the syllabus you are struggling on & learn until you are satisfied to take the quiz again. No doubt, just learning!


7. Tried & Trusted Process

People & Process was founded in 2008 & specialises in the delivery of courses to a very broad range of business sectors from Medical Device, to Manufacturing, Aviation to Healthcare.  All of our tutors are highly experienced in their fields with many years of industry experience. They are all qualified trainers, passionate about teaching and supporting the industry leaders of tomorrow.

They have helped People & Process to develop a very unique online eLearning platform that delivers learning to trainees across the globe. What’s more as learning is continuous, our development of courses continues to grow as we strive to deliver a service that knows no boundaries in learning. By choosing to work/learn with People & Process, you are using a tried & trusted method of learning, all from the comfort of your own desk, office or even your home.


8. Discretion

We all have a different learning curve. There are proven studies in this area and well we don’t have to look too far now as we see our own children being taught how to learn in school, as in Learning to Learn. Learning today is a science & while we won’t dwell too much on the theory aspect, the fact is we all learn differently & thus eLearning offers an excellent solution to your learning needs. Whether you are self-conscious or not, we all like a bit of privacy to learn. No point in saying we know it all & then end up letting the team down, or failing an audit because we didn’t cover all the avenues. With eLearning, you can learn at your own pace, replay the videos as many times as you like, even take a quiz & fail, all with some privacy & then have another go!!


9. Empowers your Team & Retention

Empowerment, a strong word that has big meaning, especially in a business where decisions are key! Its’ all great making decisions but who pays the cost? The challenge is finding the right team members, educating them with knowledge & experience & then holding on to them into the future. Stagnation leads to poor decision making & less productivity. So here is the solution, give them the training they need, like for example in Project Management, one of our more popular eLearning courses. Then show them the process that you follow as a team leader & finally, empower them to do the job. Otherwise your company could get tied up in bureaucracy, frustrate end users & lead to ……….. (Only you know the answer as a business owner!) A happy team will lead to better efficiency, stronger results & a legacy to help growth.


10. eLearning

It deserves its own heading. Yes the above information is a real guide to some of the reasons to consider eLearning, but the only one that can make that final decision is you & your team. So don’t just leave it there & wonder, contact us at info@peopleandprocess.ie for more information or give us a call on +353 1 6854404, and as we like to say, there is no time like the present to start learning, so start now & let’s make learning an investment.


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