8 Real Benefits of eLearning

8 Real Benefits of eLearning

This latest blog 8 Real Benefits of eLearning is a short analysis of the real benefits to eLearning that learners have experienced & mentioned to us. You see learning is a journey & whether it be in a classroom, boardroom or in your own home, it is different for everyone. We can all have a differing perspective on what we learn, but the key thing is, through learning, we are effectively broadening our mind & enhancing our overall opportunities. As they say with travel it broadens the mind, learning helps us be more effective, decisive, even assertive in our approach as we use the knowledge gleaned to improve say, for example processes or cut costs! On to the benefits of eLearning now:

  1. Personal Journey. A good place to start as we mentioned, the journey is different for us all. Do you recall the good old days, in class with the school master & the more often then not, a “class genius” who got everything in the blink of an eye. Can you recall the satisfied look on the teachers face in admiration that in only a few words, their student had it & the rest of us would have to be schooled incessantly to understand the concept. But as we now know, the reality is we all learn differently, at different paces & thus the joy that eLearning now offers. No more pressure, just your own personal journey in private, taking as quickly or as long as you like to grasp the course detail.
  2. Privacy. Yes a thing we all yearn for, particularly when it comes to learning. The majority of us have the fear of failure & nothing compares to the anxiety of making mistakes in public. Well with eLearning, privacy is guaranteed as you work away at your own leisure with no one looking over your shoulder. Just you, your laptop & your chosen course.
  3. Animation. What has animation got to do with eLearning you may ask? Well here at People & Process, we not only deliver a course in script & quizzes, we also animate the scripts so you can read the course notes plus watch & listen to specially designed animated videos that guide you through the lesson. This animation is done in house & follows the course scripts from start to finish. So nothing is left out, your entire course is designed, scripted, edited, animated & delivered right to your door/laptop.
  4. Centralised. Learning can be exhausting. Not just the actual learning of your course material, but the effort involved in getting there. For example the average college student can spend up to ten percent of their learning week, actually travelling to & from lectures. Between bus/train journeys, moving from building to building, class to class, library, research room, computer room etc. Whereas through eLearning, all you need is a quiet spot, laptop & broadband. No travelling required, no additional research unless you choose to do more as all content for your course is available in our course material.
  5. Cost Saving. We could save this to last but no, it is far too important. The cost savings in eLearning is a proven fact. Think about it for a moment. Any employer out there can attest to the challenge & costs involved in sending some of their key people on a course for a few days or week or even a month. It costs thousands & the impact/results can be a long time coming to bear fruit. Where as with our eLearning courses, you can subscribe on a monthly basis & pay only for the length of time it takes to complete your course.
  6. No Restrictions. There is nothing worse then starting something & then finding out there is hidden costs left right & centre! You know, the typical hidden traps where the cost all of a sudden takes off! Well with People & Process there are No Hidden Costs! You pay your monthly or yearly subscription & work away in confidence. Thus if it takes you a month, six months, two years to finish a course, you are not charged for taking additional quizzes, or playing videos a hundred times, you just pay your monthly subscription, No More..
  7. Your Not Alone. So you start your course/lesson & then say OMG, I’m a bit lost or don’t feel you are gertting the gist of the concept. No panic as we are here to help. Our operation is based in Ireland & our team will only be too happy to help out. An email with your questions or even a phone call can often help. Our course tutors are based in Ireland & will be happy to assist in anyway possible to support your learning journey.
  8. Irish Owned Company. I know it may be a cliche at this stage, but it’s an important consideration when it comes to providing jobs in Ireland. People & Process have a large, diverse team of tutors based in Education & Training Bodies across Ireland & additional support staff in the Dublin Head Office. That’s a fair achievement considering the company was only founded in 2008 (through one of the worst recessions in history) & continues to grow not just nationally but internationally. While learners want to learn, they also like to know where the content has come from & who is benefiting from their spending on subscription.

So if you are thinking about a new course, or want to upgrade your skill set, why not consider People & Process for your learning needs. We offer a tried & tested process of learning where you can sign up online & begin learning now, rather then next week, month or year!

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