9 Course Categories

We have over 40 eLearning Courses in 9 different Categories readily available on our eLearning platform here at People & Process.

These courses can be accessed on your laptop, tablet or even your phone & the list is growing on a weekly basis!

The 9 Categories Include:

Life Science Courses

In this category there are 9 Different topics to choose from including: Cleanroom Intro, Micro-Organisms, Cleanroom Design, Sterilisation & Aseptic Practice, Cleanroom Validation, Personnel, Lean Six Sigma & much more..

Continuous Improvement Courses

We have 2 courses in this category to date including Lean & Waste Reduction, Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing. We have more in the design mode. For more details..

Management Courses

This category has 9 different courses including Project Management, Work Life Balance, Data Protection, Time Management, Forming a Company, Business Management, Marketing, Financial Reporting & Conflict Management..

Engineering Courses

In this category we have 3 courses to date including: Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing & Lean & Waste Reduction. For more details please

Healthcare Courses

To date we have 2 courses under this category but we are also seeing demand from this sector for courses like Project Management & Conflict Management. The courses include Infection Control & Food Safety & HACCP. For more information

Sales Courses

This category has 6 excellent courses covering such key areas as; Intro to Making Sales, Opening a Sales Call, Customer Behaviour, Requirements, Handling Objections & More..

Food & Beverage Courses

There are 2 courses to date in this category covering key areas including Infection Control & HACCP & Food Safety. This is an area we intend to grow very soon! For more details..

Entrepreneurship Courses

This category is in big demand & covers such topics as Data Protection, Corporate Governance, Project Management, Business Management, Marketing etc..

Personal Development Courses

5 Great topics to choose from including Work Life Balance, Career Planning, Conflict Management, Forming a Company & Time Management.

New Courses Coming Soon

We are constantly developing new eLearning courses. Some in the design process include: Energy Efficiency Management, Maintenance Excellence & People Management. For more information contact us..