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Work Life Balance

This training course is designed to explore the issues that stop employees from achieving a healthy Work Life Balance, and explains how to overcome these obstacles in their everyday life.

3 videos
2 weeks of study
3 quizzes
0 written assignment

Time Management

This training examines the fundamentals of time management, from effective planning and prioritisation, to eliminating time thieves and provides practical tips to help you manage your schedule.

4 videos
1 weeks of study
4 quizzes
0 written assignment

Forming a Company

This course, delivered over 7 lessons, explores the key aspects of company registration and operation, and explores the roles of key players in companies.

7 videos
1 weeks of study
7 quizzes
0 written assignment

Conflict Management

This course provides the knowledge and skills to understand and manage conflict situations, and provides you with the insight to be able to monitor your workplace for signs of conflict.

6 videos
1 weeks of study
6 quizzes
0 written assignment

Career Planning & Development

This course introduces the continuous process of self examination of your skills, interests and work preferences and how you can actively manage your job roles along a successful career path.

5 videos
1 weeks of study
5 quizzes
0 written assignment