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Marketing Management

This Marketing Management course provides the skills and knowledge to evaluate the key concepts, principles and practice of product and service marketing and formulate a marketing management plan.

28 videos
10 weeks of study
28 quizzes
0 written assignment

Business Management

In this course, we will learn the essentials of the business process, all the way from the principles of management, to using management tools and techniques, and designing a workflow.

30 videos
10 weeks of study
29 quizzes
0 written assignment

Project Management

This course covers all the stages of managing a project from initiation to project close. You'll learn the concepts, principles and tools needed at each stage to successfully manage a project.

34 videos
10 weeks of study
34 quizzes
0 written assignment

Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

On completion of this Lean Six Sigma Course you will be able to deploy improvement tools, analyse data and identify appropriate situations, goals and team members for Kaizen events.

10 videos
5 weeks of study
10 quizzes
0 written assignment

Work Life Balance

This training course is designed to explore the issues that stop employees from achieving a healthy Work Life Balance, and explains how to overcome these obstacles in their everyday life.

3 videos
2 weeks of study
3 quizzes
0 written assignment

Corporate Governance

This course is ideal to become familiar with Corporate Governance. You will also learn about the benefits and the international codes of Corporate Governance.

2 videos
1 weeks of study
2 quizzes
0 written assignment

Time Management

This training examines the fundamentals of time management, from effective planning and prioritisation, to eliminating time thieves and provides practical tips to help you manage your schedule.

4 videos
1 weeks of study
4 quizzes
0 written assignment

Forming a Company

This course, delivered over 7 lessons, explores the key aspects of company registration and operation, and explores the roles of key players in companies.

7 videos
1 weeks of study
7 quizzes
0 written assignment

Data Protection

This course explains the differences between Data Controllers & Data Processors, the 8 fundamental rules of Data Protection, Data Transfer within the EU and beyond, and Data Security.

5 videos
1 weeks of study
5 quizzes
0 written assignment

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