Classroom Training

Have you been searching for suitable classroom training to broaden your knowledge and experience? Here at People & Process Ltd, we set out with the aim of providing efficient, engaging and interesting training for an array of industries and skills; whether it’s personal or for an entire team.

Training for many people is a process that is a dread, but with our expert selection of classroom training courses, you or your employees can benefit from truly quality and tailored training. We enjoy providing efficient teaching to people who want to learn and adapt their knowledge. The learning and development process is wonderful to watch and be a part of, and with our many years of experience, we know how best to ensure you experience the best possible learning.

We have training courses for a wide range of industries and specific skills, including food, beverage, engineering, sales, hospitality, personal development, management development, entrepreneurship and life sciences.

With a selection of experienced tutors who are committed to providing the best classes and training with the best platforms to support them, you can guarantee that your training will be substantial and highly effective.

By joining up to our services, your membership will include video based courses, quizzes, professional tutors, download transcripts, forums and course certificates.