The Importance Of Online Food Safety Courses

If you are running a business in the hospitality industry, it is imperative that your staff are aware of food hygiene and safety. It is not just something which is beneficial to your staff, which of course it is, but it is also a legal requirements. Anyone in the food industry is responsible for ensuring the safety and hygiene for the consumer and this is where our online food safety courses can be useful.

What to expect from the course

Managers and supervisors should have this kind of knowledge, as should food technologists and quality and safety specialists. The course will give you a number of important skills which can be used in the day to day working environment. You can expect to be able to evaluate food safety management systems when this course is completed, as well as being able to demonstrate knowledge of the Codex Alimentarius Principles for HACCP. The course consists of 5 weeks of study, with written assignments and quizzes included. You will be awarded a certificate after successful completion of the online course.

How to get started

You can get started straight away by signing up via our website. There is ongoing support available for you, if you have any questions during your studies.

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