Engineering Workshop Safety

Engineering Workshop Safety

Engineering Workshop Safety

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Hello and welcome to this training course on Engineering Workshop Safety.
Every year a number of people are killed at work and thousands more are injured and suffer ill health.
The most common cause of workplace injuries are back injuries due to manual handling. This is followed by head and body injuries due to slips, trips and falls
The most common causes of death from accidents are falls from a height and being struck by a vehicle.
The engineering workshop presents a range of safety hazards for employees and visitors.
It is important that these hazards are identified, assessed and suitable controls put in place.
This training course identifies how safety can be managed in the engineering workshop.

On completion of this training course, you will be able to:

• Understand the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
• Understand the facility, access and movement requirements that can help prevent workplace injuries
• Appreciate how accidents with machine tools happen
• Understand the safety precautions to be taken when milling, turning and grinding.
• Understand the safety precautions for operation of saws and guillotines
• Understand the safety precautions when using bending, pressing, drilling and boring equipment.
• Understand the safety precautions for welding and flame cutting
• Understand how hazardous substance used in the workshop should be controlled.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who are new to working in engineering workshops and need to understand the requirements for workshop safety.

This course is also appropriate as refresher training for workers in engineering safety.

The course is divided into 4 lessons:
• Lesson 1: Legislation and Safety Management
• Lesson 2: Safe Access and Movement
• Lesson 3: Safety Precautions in using Machine tools
• Lesson 4: Controlling Hazardous Substances
How to navigate the course
If this is your first course with People & Process Academy, be sure to look at “Studying with People & Process” before you begin. This short video shows you how to find your way around the lessons and modules.
Lessons are all presented in video format, and there’s a transcript you can follow as you watch. If you like, you can download the video transcript to revise later on. In this course, each new lesson builds on previous information, so it’s best to follow the lessons in order. Similarly, you should follow each module in sequence as you first go through the course. All registered users have unlimited access to video lessons and transcripts, and you can repeat each video as often as you like.
There’s a discussion forum attached to this course. You’ll find the discussion forum on the course homepage. In this forum you can chat to other students and leave questions and comments on the course.
If you have any difficulties navigating the course, see the support section for help.

On successful completion of this course all students will be awarded a Certificate of
Completion. This certificate confirms you have completed all the video lessons for
every module and fully met all the requirements of the course.
To achieve this award all the assessment quizzes for each lesson must be passed. The pass grade for each quiz is 80%.You can retake lesson quizzes as often as you like.

The Assessment Method

There’s a quiz at the end of each lesson to test your understanding of the material. To successfully complete this course, you must pass the quiz for each lesson. Once all the lessons have been completed, you can then download and print the People & Process completion certificate.
So let’s get started!
In the next lesson entitled “Legislation and Safety Management “, we will look at the requirements set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.