Infection Control (Trial)

Infection Control (Trial)

Infection Control (Trial)

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Caring for people is challenging. It often means caring for people with infections and diseases in confined areas. Patients and staff can be exposed to a myriad of microorganisms that can cause illness.

To control the spread of illness, the implementation of infection prevention and control measures is paramount. Over the course of 14 Lesson, this course will explore the key elements of infection prevention and control.


On completion of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Microorganisms and the differences between resident, transient and opportunistic microorganisms
  • Describe modes of transmission and the chain of infection
  • Identify host factors and sources of infection
  • Understand the requirements for hand hygiene
  • Describe standard precautions
  • Describe transmission precautions
  • Understand healthcare associated infections
  • Understand hygiene and food safety requirements
  • Describe the management of infection prevention and control


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone currently employed in a healthcare environment, and for those planning a career in healthcare.


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This Particular Course consists of 14 video lessons organised into 1 module. Each video is approximately 4-12 minutes in length. At the end of each video lesson there is a quiz that will test your knowledge of the material.

A transcript is available for each lesson so you can real along with the video or download and print to study later. This course is completely self-paced. Watch and study when and wherever you want.


The Module and Lesson breakdown for this course is as follows:

  • Introduction to Microorganisms**
  • Transmission and the Chain of Infection**
  • Host Factors and Sources of Infection**
  • Hand Hygiene**
  • Standard Precautions and PPE**
  • Respiratory Hygiene and Patient Placement**
  • Safe injection practices, sharps and exposure to blood and body fluids**
  • Management of Spills**
  • Decontamination**
  • Laundry and Waste Management**
  • Transmission Precautions**
  • Healthcare Associated Infections**
  • Hygiene and Food Safety**
  • Management of Infection Prevention and Control


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On successful completion of this course all students will be awarded a People of Process Certificate of Completion. This certificate confirms you have completed all the video lessons for every module and fully met all the requirements of the course.

To achieve this award all the assessment quizzes for each lesson must be passed. The pass grade for each quiz is 80%.You can retake lesson quizzes as often as you like.

Each lesson in this course has its own assessment quiz. These quizzes will test your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply the knowledge learned to real world marketing situations.

It is recommended that you watch the video lesson several times and study the lesson transcript before attempting the quiz.

To successfully complete the course you must pass the assessment quiz for each lesson. The passing grade for each lesson quiz is 80%