Marketing Management (Trial)

Marketing Management (Trial)

Marketing Management (Trial)

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Marketing is one of the most exciting and interesting fields in business. It covers a wide range of subject areas from identifying customer needs and trends to advertising and digital media. Good marketing helps customers understand why they want a particular product and why it’s better than the completion.

All firms, whether a modest start up or a multinational giant, require an effective marketing strategy to serve as a road map for their business. This course is designed to give you the marketing knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.


On completion of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a specialised knowledge of the marketing principles and concepts
  • Appraise marketing theory and practice
  • Evaluate the key concepts, principles and practice of product and service marketing
  • Formulate a marketing management plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities


Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for anyone working in marketing who want to improve their knowledge, further their career and work towards a professional qualification in marketing. This course is also suited to people new to the area who want to learn the basics of Marketing. We’ll provide you with an excellent basis from which you can build your knowledge of and experience in marketing


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This Marketing Course consists of 28 video lessons that are organised into 6 Modules. Each video is approximately 5-10 minutes in length. At the end of each video lesson there is a quiz that will test your knowledge of the material. A transcript is available for each lesson so you can real along with the video or download and print to study later. This course is completely self-paced. Watch and study when and wherever you want.

The module and lesson breakdown for this course is as follow:

Module 1: Principles of Marketing**

  • Introduction to Marketing**
  • Learning Evaluation**
  • What is Marketing**
  • The Marketing Process**
  • B2B/B2C Marketing**


Module 2: The Marketing Environment**

  • Marketing Environment/ Micro Environment**
  • Macro Marketing Environment**
  • Environmental Analysis and Strategic Opportunities**
  • Global Marketing Perspective**


Module 3: Strategy**

  • Corporate Missions and Goals**
  • Marketing Analysis**
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Segmentation**
  • Competitive Strategy and Advantage**


Module 4: Marketing Mix**

  • The 4 P’s explained**
  • The Promotional Mix**
  • Advertising**
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media**
  • Integrated Marketing Communications**
  • Cause Related Marketing**
  • Corporate Social responsibility**


Module 5: Product, Place and Price**

  • Product**
  • The Product Life Cycle**
  • Place**
  • Price**
  • Services Marketing**


Module 6: Marketing in Action**

  • Forecasting and Controls**
  • What is a Marketing Plan**
  • Case Study**


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On successful completion of this course all students will be awarded a People of Process Certificate of Completion. This certificate confirms you have completed all the video lessons for every module and fully met all the requirements of the course. To achieve this award all the assessment quizzes for each lesson must be passed. The pass grade for each quiz is 80%.You can retake lesson quizzes as often as you like.


Progression to Further Study:

Students who successfully complete this programme may progress to our QQI Certificate 6N4188 Level 6 Certificate in Marketing Management. To see the full the full requirements for the QQ1 Certificate visit the course forum for this course.

Each lesson in this course has its own assessment quiz. These quizzes will test your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply the knowledge learned to real world marketing situations. It is recommended that you watch the video lesson several times and study the lesson transcript before attempting the quiz.

To successfully complete the course you must pass the assessment quiz for each lesson. The passing grade for each lesson quiz is 80%