E-Learning Course: Customer Behaviour

E-Learning Course: Customer Behaviour

People & Process Academy have launched a new online E-Learning Course  Customer Behaviour Course which is now enrolling.

Making a sale is not just about how good your product is or how good your sales pitch is put. To make a sale you need understand what drives the customer in the sales process. What personality traits, motives and attitudes form their approach to making a purchase?

In this course we will look to understand the different types of customer and the roles of customers in the buying process. We will look at what motivates someone to buy and how negative and positive attitudes can be formed by the customer. We will also examine the Buying Decision Process used by an individual consumer and by companies.

This fully online course delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer covers all stages of Customer Behaviour:

  • Course outline
  • Understanding the Customer
  • The Buying Decision Process Model
  • Buyer Motives
  • Customer Attitudes

This course is perfect for anyone working in sales who want to improve their knowledge, further their career and work towards a professional qualification in sales. This course is also suited to people new to the area who want to learn the basics of sales. We’ll provide you with an excellent basis from which you can build your knowledge of and experience in sales.

Key Course Features

  • 5 short video instructions
  • 5 Lessons
  • Downloadable Course Transcripts
  • Course Forum
  • Completion Certificate

Visit the Customer Behaviour Course Page to learn more.