E-Learning Course: Customer Requirements

E-Learning Course: Customer Requirements

People & Process Academy have launched a new online E-Learning  Customer Requirements Course which is now enrolling.

What does the customer ACTUALLY want? A salesperson needs to understand and uncover their customer’s needs so they can recommend the most suitable product/service to meet their requirements.

In this course we will cover the essential questioning and listening skills every sales person needs. We will also examine the differences between features and benefits and how matching benefits to a customers needs simplifies the sales process.

This fully online course delivered by a qualified and experienced trainer covers all stages of Customer Requirements:

  • Questioning Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Matching Benefits to Customer Needs

This course is perfect for people who are beginning a new career in Sales and have little or no experience in the area. You’ll get a good insight into just how the sales process works, and practical tips that you can put to use in real sales situations. This course is also great for people who already work in a sales position, as you’ll look at theories and strategies to really refine you skills.

Key Course Features

  • 3 short video instructions
  • 3 Lessons
  • Downloadable Course Transcripts
  • Course Forum
  • Completion Certificate

Visit the Customer Requirements Course Page to learn more.