Elearning Course: Manual Handling

Elearning Course: Manual Handling

Elearning fans will love our  Manual Handling course we have just launched online.

Manual Handling is important because equip the learner with the skills and competencies to be able to carry out safe manual handling in the workplace and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The new course, Manual Handling, covers such topics as:

  • Why we Need Manual Handling Instruction
  • Anatomy and Back Care
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • Manual Handling – Principles and Techniques

This course is ideal for those that are new to work situations where manual handling may be required or those who require refresher training.

This course is also beneficial to those who need to manage the risks of operations where manual handling may be required.

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Each Elearning course with People & Process includes comprehensive animated videos, quizzes at the end of each topic (with a minimum requirement of 80% Pass Rate) & tutors notes. Once complete you can even print off your People & Process Certificate to show you have completed the course.

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