ELearning Course: Quality Improvement

ELearning Course: Quality Improvement

Elearning fans will love our Quality Improvement course we have just launched online. This course is the next step up from the Lean & Waste Reduction course we have available already online.


The new course, Quality Improvement, brings the learner into a more detailed course structure in continuous improvement, covering such topics as:


  • Course Outline
  • Process Variation
  • The 7 Quality Tools
  • The 5 Whys

Course Aim

The aim of this Lean & Waste Reduction Course is to equip the learner with the skills and competencies needed to implement quality improvements in business processes.


It provides an insight into identifying poor quality through process variation, using graphical tools and data to display, analyse and problem solve the underlying variation and implementing improvement projects using a structured approach.

People & Process Elearning

Each Elearning course with People & Process includes comprehensive animated videos, quizzes at the end of each topic (with a minimum requirement of 80% Pass Rate) & tutors notes. Once complete you can even print off your People & Process Certificate to show you have completed the course.


It does not stop there as we continue to develop new courses to enhance the trainees overall knowledge in Continuous Improvement. Other courses we have include:



If you would like more information about this course or any other training course for your business or organisation, please give us a call on:


: +353 1 6854404

: info@peopleandprocess.ie