Energy Efficiency Course



The aim of this Energy Efficiency training is to equip the learner to understand the basic principles of energy efficiency and be able to propose energy improvements to business environments.



  • To understand the units of energy, power and efficiency used in energy billing and reports.
  • To understand the generation, transmission and distribution of energy to customers.
  • To understand the evolution of the Irish Energy Market and the main suppliers there-in.
  • To understand the elements of energy bills and the tarriff structures behind them.
  • To appreciate the role of national bodies in promoting energy efficiency and sustainable development.
  • To understand how Building Energy Rating works.
  • To be able to research and propose energy improvements in the home and for business.
  • To be able to implement energy audits and ISO energy management systems.



Module 1: Introduction to Energy Efficiency

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Energy Forms
  3. Energy Conversions and Efficiency

Module 2: Irish Energy Supply

  1. History of Energy Supply
  2. Power Generation Today and tomorrow
  3. Gas Supply Today and Tomorrow
  4. Energy Networks

Module 3: Energy Legislation and Markets

  1. Energy Legislation
  2. Evolution of the Energy Market
  3. Energy Suppliers

Module 4: Understanding Energy Bills

  1. Energy Billing Terms
  2. Commercial Bills

Module 5: Promoting Energy Efficiency

  1. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
  2. Building Energy Rating(BER)- outline
  3. All about u-values
  4. BER Calculations

Module 6: Energy Savings in Business:

  1. Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems:
  2. Refrigeration Systems
  3. Motors and Variable Speed Drives
  4. Boilers and Steam Distribution
  5. Compressed Air Savings
  6. Building Energy Management Systems

Module 7: Managing Energy Efficiency:

  1. The ISO Energy Management System
  2. Energy Audits


Please Note we have developed this Energy Efficiency Course in line with the relevant QQI standard & our team are presently animating the course for eLearning.

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