FAQ on Training


What is eLearning?

eLearning or electronic learning is a more efficient way to learn with a potential savings of over 50% in actual learning costs. The concept of eLearning is a way of understanding new ideas, methodologies, in a more comfortable, learners environment, where they can stop & start as they please, research & discover, evaluate & be tested, all at the click of a button! Learning is provided through our People & Process website, using animated videos, course notes & quizzes without having to attend actual class.

How long does a course take?

There is no one single answer to this question as each course varies in content & structure. Take for example the Infection Control course, it can take a learner on average a week to complete it if they dedicate a number of hours a day to completing it. Where as a course like the Lean Six Sigma could take several months, again depending on the amount of time a person can dedicate to the course & how quickly they grasp the concept.

Who developed these courses?

All our courses on the People & Process website have been developed in Ireland, by our team of tutors who specialise in their chosen fields. Each tutor is highly experienced in their profession with many years of industry experience. Once the course has been designed, it is then scripted & an animated video developed in house. The final stage is the testing with each course having individualised quizzes designed to check the learners understanding of the course content. Once complete, the course is rigorously tested before being made live to learners.

Are the Quizzes Hard?

The quizzes at each stage of the syllabus are designed to test the learners understanding of the material as they progress. They are not designed to trick the learner, but to ensure they gain value from what they have learnt & then once they achieve an 80% pass rate, they continue on to the next chapter on the program. So if a learner follows the process, they should be able to complete the course at their own pace.

What is involved in the eLearning courses?

Each eLearning course includes a course syllabus, animated videos & at the end of each chapter, quizzes which require an 80% Pass Rate to continue on to the next stage. Each quiz has 5 questions where the learner must pass a minimum of 4 to continue on. Each course has been developed in line with QQI Standards in Training.

Do I need to attend class with eLearning?

The simple answer is no, you do not need to attend an actual class when using eLearning. The eLearning courses are designed to allow the learner participate & learn the course online, answer quizzes at the end of each chapter & even print out their certificate of qualification once they have completed the entire course. The only time you would need to attend a class or have a tutor train in house is of you were looking for QQI Level Training Qualification Certification.

What is Blended Training?

Blended Training is the bringing together of your eLearning training into a classroom style environment to complete your actual training course. It is the final human touch to the training experience, to help process, highlight & answer any key areas the learner may require before course completion. We here at People & Process offer a range of blended training for businesses who would like their team to be QQI Certified for certain courses.

Can I do more then one course?

Yes you can do as many courses as you like as long as you continue to pay your subscription fee on a monthly/yearly basis. Some learners develop an interest in their chosen category & aim to complete all the courses in those categories before going on to another, different category.

How do I get my certification once I complete the course?

The wonders of the digital age mean that you get to print off your certification there & then once you complete your entire course, answer all the quizzes successfully with an 80% Pass Rate. The eLearning course will prompt you to print your certification at the end of your course.

Are the courses Accredited?

With blended training a number of our courses are accredited with QQI Standards Qualification. Otherwise all our eLearning courses come with a People & Process Certification. Please note all our eLearning courses have been developed in line with QQI standards training.

Is there any support available while doing a course?

There is ongoing support available from our Dublin Head Office Team. Just call us on +353 1 6854404 or email info@peopleandprocess.ie