Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on My Account from the Navigation Menu
  • Select Profile
  • Select Edit next to Profile Information
  • Type in a new password
  • Select Save to confirm changes

I forgot or never received my username or password.

I forgot or never received my username or password.

To retreive your username or password, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the login screen
  • Click on Lost your Password?
  • Enter the email address you used to signup
  • Click Reset Password

You’ll receive and email with your username and instructions to reset your password.

If the email does not arrive be sure to check yoiur span and junk mail folders.

What are the differences between the membership plans?

We currently offer a Premium Monthly, Premium Yearly and Corporate membership plans. All membership plans offer full access to all of our courses, quizzes, forums and transcripts. To learn more about our membership plans visit our Signup Page.

What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. You will have full access to all courses and site features until the end of your billing cycle.  at which time your Once the billing cycle is reached your membership will not renew. Members who live in a European Union country may cancel for any reason during the 14-day period after they join by sending a written notice to Customer Service at

Where can I see a list of courses I'm studying?

The My Courses page shows all the courses you are currently studying and have completed. Under the course name and picture is a progress bar showing how much of the course you have completed.

Why isn't your website working for me?

We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with our site. Usually the issue is with the browser or device used. If you’re having problems, try changing these things to see if you get the same results. If that doesn’t work, you can always Contact Support for help. When contacting support please include answers to the questions below. This will help diagnose the problem faster. You can also attach a screenshot which would be very helpful.

  • Does the issue persist when you try using another browser? (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  • Does the issue occur when you try using a different device? (iPad, tablet, windows PC, Mac)
  • Have you always had this issue or did this recently start happening?

I have a suggestion, who should I tell?

We really appreciate any and all feedback you might have and always share it with our team. Our Interests page was designed as a way for users to share ideas and suggestions for new courses and features. Please do let us know what you think of the site and any improvements we can make.