How Do We Test Learners

How Do We Test Learners

How Do We Test Learners? This is a very common question we get asked as companies & organisations enquire about eLearning. A key part of any training process is to ensure the learner is not only engaging but also learning from the material/information they are presented with during their course.

We have all been there, staring out the class window, meandering in our own thoughts while attempting to engage! (#TheGoodOldDays) That’s all fine for the school learner but in a business environment, business owners want a return on their investment. When we say investment, we mean that training is an expensive process. Between time off, travel, missed appointments etc, an employer still has to keep the business going & foot the bill.

Thus we here at People & Process recognise this investment & have developed not just eLearning, but a method of challenging the learner to assist their engagement in the process. We have integrated a lesson quiz structure where each relevant chapter in their chosen course finishes with a quiz. Not just any ordinary quiz, but an evaluation of the learners knowledge as they progress through their course.

When a learner comes to the end of a chapter, they are required to answer five questions. They must achieve an 80% Pass Rate as in four out of five must be correct to continue on to the next chapter. If they succeed they move on, if not, they are invited to re-look at the animated video & course transcript before attempting again. Please note a learner can attempt a quiz as often as they like & there are no restrictions on the number of times they can view the animated videos.

The quizzes can involve a range of answer options including a multiple choice type answer or finish the sentence or even a sequence challenge as you can see in the image on the right. Here the learner must drag & drop the correct answer in the correct sequence. What’s more, if the learner fails the quiz, when they attempt to answer the quiz again, the answers will not necessarily be laid out as before, thus helping to ensure the learner has to properly consider the question & answers.

This is just one of the key reasons to consider eLearning for your team. Besides the obvious cost savings involved which for many companies can involve thousands of euros, the learner receives a seamless process of learning while the company ensures their team get the best training possible, all from the comfort of the learners office or home.

If you are considering training for your team, why not give us a call on 01-6854404 or email us at today & discuss your training requirements. We offer a very broad range of training from Life Science subjects to Business Management, Health Care to Personal Development. We look forward to hearing from you!

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