Introduction to Food Safety – Half Day Course

Introduction to Food Safety – Half Day Course

Food safety is an issue that affects everyone, and it’s a legal requirement for companies to provide food safety training to all employees that produce or handle food. This introductory training programme Introduction to Food Safety is ideal for new employees, as it provides an introduction to food safety, describes personal hygiene requirements, explains the causes of tainted foods, describes the effects of temperature on food safety and outlines cleaning duties. The training course has been developed in line with the requirements of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Level 1 guidelines.

The Level 1 Food Safety training includes modules on:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cross Contamination
  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Temperature Control
  • Cleaning
  • Deliveries

This training is ideal for those who are new to working in food related industries, including manufacturing, food retail, restaurants, bars, nursing homes and food delivery.

The course is delivered over 3 hours and is highly interactive. For more information on this course please contact