Life Sciences Courses

Provides an overview of cleanroom operation. You’ll learn about the need from cleanrooms, their classification and contamination control.
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Introduction to Cleanroom Operations

Provides an introduction to the world of microbiology and the impact it has on the cleanroom environment.
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Cleanroom Micro-organisms

Looks at the guidelines for design and the factors impacting cleanroom design, what airlocks are and how they should be used.
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Cleanroom Design

Examines how cleaning, sterilisation and aseptic practice is best implemented in the cleanroom. We’ll explain how cleaning, sterilisation and aseptic practice takes place.
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Cleaning, Sterilisation & Aseptic Practice

Examines the concept of validation, the principles of cleanroom validation and how it is applied in a cleanroom.
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Cleanroom Validation

In this course we detail the personal behaviours and practises that will help to minimise these contamination risks.
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Personnel in the Cleanroom

Describes all aspects of Infection Controls, including Microorganisms, Mode of Transmission, Chain of Infection, Hosts Factors, Sources of Infection and more.
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Infection Control

Provides the learner with an insight into the purpose and types of packaging and labels.
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Packaging for Life Science Products

Equips the learner with the skills and competencies to utilise a range of continuous improvement methodologies whilst working in the manufacturing sector.
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Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing (Intro)

Equips the learner with the skills and competencies to appreciate the development of Lean concepts and to utilise a range of waste reduction tools.
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Lean and Waste Reduction

For those who want to learn the basics of Quality Improvement in manufacturing or business processes, and who may have little or no previous experience in this area.
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Quality Improvement

For those who want to learn about applying and maintaining Continuous Improvement in their work and who may have little or no previous experience in this area
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Maintaining Improvements

Will help you be able to deploy improvement tools, analyse data and identify appropriate situations, goals and team members for Kaizen events.
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Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)

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