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Thank you for considering our People & Process eLearning Courses. Our pricing is on a subscription basis & is charged on a monthly or yearly fee. This means the learner is in control & can stop membership at any point once they have completed their course.


Rather then pay a fixed cost per course, you can simply….





The more time you dedicate to the training, the quicker you complete your chosen course.





If you complete your course in one month for example, that is all you are charged for. Each course offers a guide as to the course syllabus & amount of study involved. This will give you an idea as to how long it will take to complete your chosen subject. Again, the more time you invest in your learning, the less time it will take to complete your training & save on subscription fees.


Each course includes specially designed animated videos & quizzes. The quizzes involve 5 questions with 4 to be answered correctly to continue on to the next chapter. You can watch the animated videos & take the quizzes as often as you like until you achieve the required Pass Rate. 


Thank you for your interest & please see the Membership Pricing by following the link below:

Subscription Membership Pricing


(Please note at any stage you can cancel subscription membership)