QQI Training


This page explains the various QQI Courses we provide here at People & Process. QQI Levels in training range from  1 to 6 & are awards under the National Framework of Qualifications. We provide training right up to QQI Level 6. We can provide a range of training services including blended training, elearning & in house training. The blended training involves a combination of both eLearning online & then some in house training over a short few days. This can be an ideal solution for any busy organisation that cannot afford to have their team tied up in long training courses over a number of weeks.

To achieve a QQI Certification at any level the learner must complete a number of modules. These can be mixed and matched between the levels, and existing awards that a learner may have are also experienced. The following explains the different levels of QQI:


Level 1 & 2

These are new certified QQI levels for those returning to the education system or may be engaging with learning for the first time. Courses at this level are about basic skills and confidence building. This is also a good starting point for people wishing to progress to Junior Certificate or Level 3 QQI.


Level 3

Level 3 QQI courses require learners to have basic skills in reading, writing, maths and communications. Some examples of courses at this level included basic computers, communications, and office procedures. This level is likened to the junior certificate or group certificate.


Level 4

QQI courses at this level require learners to have a reasonable level of skills in reading, writing and maths. Level 4 courses also develop and expand on skills gained at level 3, and are an excellent preparation for undertaking the leaving certificate, level 5 QQI or an apprenticeship. This is also a requirement for entry to many forms of employment.


Level 5

A level 5 award is the equivalent of the Leaving Certificate and is an excellent preparation and link into Third Level study, and entry into a wide range of occupations. Courses at this level include childcare, office work, health care.


Level 6

Courses at this level are provided by Further Education Centres and linked to Institutes of Technology and Universities. After two years study at this level learners are awarded a Higher Certificate or Full apprenticeship.

We at People & Process are certified providers of QQI Training in such areas as Management, Sales, Lean Six Sigma & Food Hygiene. The following is a more detailed break down of the courses we have readily available:


  • Food Safety & HACCP (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides knowledge and skills to develop, maintain, implement and evaluate food safety management systems.

  • Marketing Management (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides knowledge and skills to evaluate concepts, principles and practices of marketing and formulate a marketing management plan.

  • Making Sales (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides skills and practice techniques to excel in sales by employing a structured consultative process when engaging with customers.

  • Energy Management (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides knowledge and skills to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industrial applications and implement suitable renewable technologies.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (QQI Level 5)
  • Provides knowledge, skills and competence to identify and reduce waste, making processes more efficient in the work environment.

  • Project Management (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides the knowledge, practical skills and understanding required to lead projects to successful conclusion.

  • Finance Management (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides basic principles of business finance and financial management systems. Plan, analyse and report on financial aspects of the organisation.

  • Business Management (QQI Level 6)
  • Provides knowledge, skill and competence in principles and practices of management, within a dynamic and changing business environment.


We also deliver short courses in Conflict Management, Work Life Balance, Forming a Company, Corporate Governance and more.

We also have a complete Elearning platform developed which allows you to train online. Please  follow this link for more information on our range of Elearning Training Courses. Each course has been developed in line with the relevant QQI Training standard & includes course syllabus, notes, animated videos, chapter quizzes & even online certification where you can print off your certificate once you achieve an overall 80% Pass Rate & finish the course.

In relation to the cost involved in eLearning we here at People & Process offer a subscription based training service where you sign up & pay for the length of time it takes to complete the course. Each course is different & can take from a week, up to a few months to complete, depending on the complexity of the course content. Once you finish your course, that is all you pay by simply stopping your subscription, unless you decide to do another subject. Thus if it only takes one month to complete your chosen subject, that is all you pay!! For more information on the pricing, please follow the link below;

Elearning Pricing