Time Wasted Could be Spent E-learning

Time Wasted Could be Spent E-learning

Time Wasted Could be Spent eLearning is almost like a Leaving Certificate question, ending with Discuss! Well how would you attempt it? Does it make you think for a moment, how much time we do waste in a day, week, month…. Year?!

Take for example a novelist who wrote a book while on the subway each day going to & from work on his mobile phone. Peter V. Brett wrote his book or the majority of it entitled “The Warded Man” while on his daily trip to work, which normally took 45 minutes each way. And yes it was even published. Not only did he write the book on the train, but also he used to write sometimes at the park, standing inline at the bank or when travelling as a passenger on long journeys in a car. You know, those idle moments/minutes you spend staring out a window or even making small talk with a stranger.

Wow, we might say with some admiration & possibly even a small bit of jealousy, why didn’t we think of that? This brings me back to this blog title Time Wasted Could be Spent eLearning & really makes one wonder could we learn on the move? Could one accomplish certification while travelling? We here at People & Process say, why not! If a person can take the time to write a book, could learning be that hard?

Let’s consider the maths for a few moments.. Take a travel routine like Mr. Brett above, how many of us do a trip like that a day? Do you travel by train, bus, Luas, aeroplane or even as a passenger in a car! As there is a return journey (normally anyway) in the above case, that’s 2 multiplied by 45 minutes multiplied by 5 days say in a week. That equals 7.5 hours a week. Shocked? That’s basically a whole working day a week wasted on travel!

Now how many of you read, write, type, respond to emails, look out the window, gossip in that 7.5 hours? Okay let’s go one more step, take the one hour lunch break a day as well. Do you bring lunch with you? If so, what do you do for that hour? Another 5 hours in the week. Combined, between travel & lunch break, that is a total of 12.5 hours a week!

Now take that 12 plus hours a week & multiply it by 45 weeks a year… (Give or take, excluding holidays, sick days etc) it accounts for an astounding figure of 560 hours or a total of 23 days a year.. In that amount of time, you could complete not just one, but several of our eLearning courses. How? Simply as our eLearning platform is developed online & is a responsive design. Thus whether you are using a laptop, desk top computer, tablet or mobile phone, the website & eLearning platform adapts & allows you to learn in any environment, on any device that is connected to the internet.

All you need is a seat, headphones, mobile/tablet, broadband/wifi & some concentration! Once you subscribe to your chosen course, you can login on any device & continue on to your next chapter. You can read course transcripts, watch the animated videos & even answer the chapter quizzes, all from your mobile device. No need for a pen, paper, desk or even silence as your headphones will block out the commuter din. Once you complete your course & achieve an 80% pass rate you can print off your certification from your eLearning account.

So, no excuses now, just take some of those time wasted minutes/hours/days & start to make them work for you. Remember the figures we mentioned above, in total 560 hours or 23 plus days a year wasted in travel & lunch, well waste no more, get learning with People & Process through smart eLearning.

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